A New Podcast For ABDL’s

After a long time of planning I am finally launching the ABDLcast – a podcast for adults who just like diapers.


A New Podcast For ABDL Listeners

After nearly a decade of podcasting and broadcasting on Internet radio there are still several time consuming steps that I can’t avoid in setting up a new podcast. This website is one of the first. We need a home for the show, right? There’s domain names to secure; artwork to generate; podcast hosting to set-up; royalty free intro and outro music to round up; etc. And we’re almost there!

Very soon I’ll record a short placeholder episode, numbered “00” in order to get the podcast listed in iTunes. It will serve as a quick introduction to the ABDLcast. After that the show will get moving! Hopefully releasing new episodes on a weekly basis.

Adult Diapers Are Fun And So Are We

I’d tell you more about the format but I want to save that for the introductory episode. I will tell you that the show will be all about diapers. Well, the show’s tag line sums it up best: “A podcast for adults that just like diapers.” Its not going to be racey or adult themed. So you won’t blush too much ;)

So stay tuned and we’ll find out who this show appeals to more, Adult Babies or Diaper Lovers.

QUESTION: How do you listen to podcasts? Let me know in the comments.


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