Why Are These Diapers Green

On this first episode of the podcast for adults who just like diapers we ask why Depends diapers were green, answer listener questions, and tell a crazy story about sneaking out in the middle of the night in only a t-shirt, shoes, socks, and a diaper.

Green Diapers Are Weird

Diaper-QueensListen to the ABDLcast as we answer questions and comments from listeners about the show and give a taste of what to expect. You’ll also learn a little more about Toddy and growing up as an ABDL in the 1970’s and 1980’s – back when Attends were packaged in boxes just like the classic vintage Pampers. He recalls the first Bambino diaper he ever wore which caused him to proclaim “I can see!”

Speaking Of Bambino Diapers

You get the latest news from Bambino. What does the future hold for their designer diapers – a favorite of many Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers? And you’ll get a discussion about Dry 24/7 and Abena diapers. All that plus a lot more fun!

Click on the player below or use the links for other ways to get the ABDLcast. And don’t forget to follow @ABDLcast on Twitter ;)



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