Plastic Backed Socks

On this episode of our ABDL podcast we talk about plastic backed socks, adult kids, My Favorite Martian, and more. Are you an adult who just likes diapers? This show is for you.

I Wear Plastic Backed Socks

my favorite martian, uncle baby, abdl, adult babyWhat if you told your friends that you wear socks? They’d just think “that was random,” wouldn’t they.  What if you told them that they’re plastic backed socks? Odd. But not a deal breaker. What if you said you like plastic backed underwear? You see where we’re going with this. Let’s talk more about that on this episode.

Uncle Baby

Rachel Emily asked if I had seen the My Favorite Martian episode called “Uncle Baby.” This gave us an opportunity to talk a little about television. And specifically how I felt when diaper related content came on. How did you feel growing up when you saw diapers, or heard people talking about diapers on the TV, movies, etc.? Let me know in the comments.

Does Your Inner Child Still Wear Diapers?

Thanks to a thread on the forum started by CJ the DJ I found out that there are others like me – not necessarily an Adult Baby, and not only a Diaper Lover. We’re Adult Kids! That is, many of us have a little kid inside that still wears diapers for whatever reason. In my case the kid inside of me is about 4 1/2 – 5 years old and still wears diapers to bed. Sometimes he wears diapers during the day, too. He’s not a baby; he can do all kinds of cool, fun things on his own. It’s just that sometimes he’s interrupted by his mom calling him in for a diaper change.

QUESTION: Are you an Adult Baby; Diaper Lover; Adult Kid; or something else? Let us know in the comments ;)
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2 thoughts on “Plastic Backed Socks

  1. Rachel Emily says:

    Great show, Toddy. Thanks for mentioning me on-air. I probably wouldn’t have brought up the subject if I’d known how uncomfortable it made you, though I can certainly understand why you felt that way. It didn’t bother me quite as much to see diaper-related content, but I too did get a bit self-conscious when someone else was in the room.

    Amazon has the second season on streaming video, if you want to see the “My Favorite Martian” episode in question. Though considering what you said, you might not.

    On the subject of Adult Kids–I’m a rather special sort of AK: one whose “inner child” is the opposite gender to the one in which I was born. That is, I’m a transgender AK–I imagine myself a five-year-old girl who likes the typical things that appeal to five-year-old girls. (Dolls, Disney Princesses, and so on.) But, like a surprising number of AKs, I also need diapers.

    As a result, I didn’t know for years exactly where I fit either–all I knew is that I didn’t fit the category of “sissy”, which has more a humiliation component attached to it. I *like* being a little girl! =)

    • Thanks for listening, Rachel Emily! We really appreciate it :)

      “Self-conscious” really is the operative term. Mine just escalated to the point where I was convinced that others would know about me. I just played the “better safe than sorry” angle. And it certainly doesn’t bother me that you brought up the subject. I know we’ll visit TV shows quite often on the ABDLcast. However, as a Prime member in fine standing, I will have to work my way toward the “Uncle Baby” episode. I wouldn’t want my viewing history to only show that episode ;)

      It’s nice to know that others don’t fit into the mold. I know intellectually that it must be the case for (at least) the majority of ABDL’s, but It nice to hear others say “hey! I can’t be easily categorized.” Plus, sharing those differences with each other makes for good stories :D

      Please keep listening and offering your thoughts.

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