Modifying Diapers For ABDL’s

On this episode of our podcast for adults who just like diapers we talk about modifying diapers; proclaim that everything is better in diapers; remember a beloved member of the Brady Bunch cast; and much more!

Modifying Diapers

depend-maxAm I the only one that would modify baby diapers in order to get them to fit? When I was a little guy I figured out how to attach two cloth diapers, or two disposable (preferably Pampers, of course) to each other in order to create one diaper that would fit me. I try my best to explain how that worked on this podcast. Of course pictures would help. Gosh! Even drawings would be nice. Alas, I have neither. Just listen and try to follow along :)

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

We’re sad to report the passing of Ann B. Davis, who played the wonderful housekeeper/surrogate mother Alice Nelson on the Brady Bunch. I have nothing but the fondest memories of an entire lifetime of enjoying the Brady Bunch, and especially the character of Alice. Sammy and I put together a little something to illustrate how important she was. Rest In Peach, Ann B. Davis.

Everything Is Better In Diapers

My whole life I have found great enjoyment in many things: Amusement parks such as Disneyland; vacations; movies; walks on the beach; cartoons; etc. And one thread runs through each one – a feeling, or thought, really: “You know what would make this great experience even better? If I was wearing a diaper.” Yeah. Things that are awesome would be more awesomer if I just had on a diaper!

QUESTION: What things have you always wished you could do while wearing a diaper? Let us know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Modifying Diapers For ABDL’s

  1. waddlebutt says:

    The main thing I’d like to be able to do is wear my diaper in public and not have to worry about a negative reaction if someone accidentally notices. I have IBS and when I have a flare up I actually need diapers as the IBS can leave me functionally bowel incontinent for several days to several weeks. My flare ups happen every few months, so I could probably get away with wearing only during a flare up. However, IBS can be unpredictable and I have had accidents out of the blue with no warning. So I decided that since I like diapers and pooping in a diaper in public is much preferable to pooping your pants in public (trust me on this, no details, just trust me) I started wearing 24/7. This did not happen overnight, but that is another story. As I said, I’m diapered all the time now except when in the shower. I always use my diapers for number 1 and 2 in public or private, although I try to be discrete when using them for number 2 in public. The only time I make a messy diaper in public is an actual accident due to my IBS. I would never choose to force other people to endure the odor of my messy diaper. When I do accidentally mess in public, I leave area ASAP and try to find a discrete place to change. Unfortunately, finding a discrete place to change any diaper, let alone a messy one is very difficult. I hate changing my diaper in public restrooms that are not single occupancy, but I have had to do it many times. I am amazed at how loud ripping a diaper tape loose is and how distinctive the noise is. This is when I have been “discovered” several times. Anyone with half a brain will figure out your changing a diaper in your stall and since your the only one in the stall, obviously your the one wearing the diaper. I have had many reactions when I leave the stall. I put the used diaper in several plastic grocery sacks for disposal in the trash can, which is always outside the stall of course. I have had people give me sympathetic or pitying looks, leering grins, out right laughter, curious people who felt it perfectly fine to ask me why I was wearing a diaper and other personal questions. One time I had an elderly gentleman make the comment “glad to see I’m not the only one.” He then patted his butt so I could hear the distinctive diaper thump. I mumbled something to the affect that there are a lot of us out there. Later, I wished I would have talked with him some more, but at the time I was too self conscious. I know some people enjoy publicly exposing their diaper, but I’m not one of them. Unfortunately My IBS sometimes leaves me no choice. Otherwise, I am completely discreet. I have been diapered 24/7 for about nine months and am still a little self consciousness. I always worry someone may notice the tell tale diaper butt or hear the distintive diaper crinkle or find out some other way I’m diapered. Like I said I have no desire pto ublicly display my diapered state and the only time I do so is when I have no choice. Personally, I feel that people who intentionally make there diapers publicly visible are little better than flashers who expose themselves to unsuspecting bystanders. I wear my diaper in public because I sometimes I need to, but most of the time it is by choice. It is my fetish and I do not believe anyone has the right to force there fetishes on unwilling people. All in all I have enjoyed my diapered status even with all the negatives. I have not used the evil toilet monster in over nine months and have no intention of ever using one again.

  2. Rachel Emily says:

    A question you might consider for next time:

    Do you think there is ever a good reason for telling others about being an AB or DL? (Besides one’s romantic partner, that is). Even though many of my fellow ABDL’s might disagree, I think there are times when it might be necessary.

    Not long before my mother died, I told her that I liked diapers. She already knew I wore them, but never knew the real reason until then. Telling her, I thought, would not only allow me to talk openly about my diaper-wearing with her, but I thought it would explain some of my weirder behavior growing up. It would also disabuse her of the notion that I was wearing them out of laziness, that I had a need (medical and emotional) for them. We had also talked about visiting one another, and I wanted to be able to wear comfortably around her. (Sadly, she died before that visit could happen). It helped ease my troubled mind.

    She turned out to be surprisingly supportive, something I couldn’t have imagined her being when I was growing up. She even said that she might have dragged me to the nearest psychiatrist had she known then. Telling her was a gamble, to be sure, but fortunately it paid off.

  3. I’ve never thought that having a diaper on would enrich any particular activity, but it often crosses my mind that it would increase my enjoyment of those activities because there would be fewer interruptions, and the interruptions that persisted (e.g. changes) would be on my terms. I should not have to either refrain from addressing my biological needs until it’s “convenient” or stop doing something in order to address my biological needs (ironically, choosing not to make the choice would be “inconvenient” at this point in time).

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