Diaper Dreams

In this episode of the ABDLcast we talk about our diaper dreams, unusual diaper usage, representing the ABDL community, and share some listener feedback.

Diaper Dreams

This is an image of an oil filter advertisement showing an illustration of a chimpanzee changing diapers.The topic of diaper dreams comes up often on ABDL forums. Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers are interested in knowing if others dream about diapers. And if so, what are those nocturnal adventures about? Toddy talks about the recurring dreams (and nightmares) that he has had. He also wonders aloud whether some early memories that he has are, in reality, dreams that have crossed over the divide and been accepted as real occurrences.

QUESTION: What recurring dreams or nightmares have you had about diapers? Do you wonder if some of your memories are really dreams?

Don’t Ruin My Diaper

Another ABDL forum topic that is often posted is: What do you do in your diaper? Apparently, the personal bodily functions of others is a subject of great interest to some. Every so often someone will chime in saying that he or she merely wears diapers for enjoyment. Nothing needs to pass from their body into the diaper in order to enhance the simple pleasure that is received from taping or pinning one on. And sometimes others will be taken aback by such “weird” behavior. “Why not use them for their intended purpose?” Toddy shares his thoughts on the topic and weighs in almost solidly on one side. Which is it? Listen to find out.

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2 thoughts on “Diaper Dreams

  1. MyWorld says:

    I saw your introduction on ADISC which led me to your podcast. What a treasure find! Let me just say – Love it!!! I love the format, the voice, and everything, and really appreciate the “PG” rated friendly, clean discussion. I can’t wait for your next show.

    I too am in my 40’s and well remember vintage Pampers from the 70’s and 80’s. My guilty pleasure as a child was walking down the baby aisle at the grocery store and touching the boxes of Pampers and smelling that heavenly baby powder scent. I wanted so desperately (and secretly) to have a box for myself. Well, as the song goes “When you wish upon a star” – I now get to wear diapers every night (sadly not Pampers).

    Regarding the topic of wearing 24/7, I personally would not want to. I absolutely love the contrast and thrill of transforming every night from a responsible, professional middle aged man, into a little boy in a diaper who snuggles with and talks to his plush tiger Trevor. I would not get that thrill if I wore diapers all the time. For me it is a bed time treat.

    My suggestion for a new topic would be Plush Toys, whether they are teddy bears, tigers, Disney characters. Do you have pretend conversations with your plush toy – as I do, or do you merely use them to snuggle? No, I am not schizophrenic, Trevor does not really talk to me. It just makes me feel very little and special to have an imaginary friend who is honest and nonjudgmental and happens to be cute as well.

    Keep up the good work, and the show.


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