I Want To Wear Diapers Too

This week on ABDLcast we ask the question, “Why do they get to wear diapers?” and talk about the childhood toys us ABDL folk wish we still had. Plus a whole lot more with Toddy and Sammy.

I Want To Wear Diapers

This image is a vintage advertisment for Staydry Panties. Toddy started a thread on the Daily Diapers Forum asking ABDL’s if you have any early memories of being out of diapers but finding someone your age that still wore. And whether you believe that the experience was a trigger for your diaper desires. We got some great feedback to discuss on the show such as:

“I had a friend in that class and I remember her telling me her seven year old brother wears diapers. I just remember thinking how lucky he is.” – Spokane Girl

“When I was about 10 I used to hang out with the kid down the street and his sister whom was around 8 years old wore diapers at night.” – Lumia_black

“I watched him my whole life get babied and diapered well after I was out of diapers and I feel this was one of my triggers for always wanting to wear diapers.” – Backindiapers

Toddy tells his own story of the “deer-caught-in-the-headlights” moment when he found himself face-to-face with a cousin his age being diapered for a late night drive home. Thankfully he was too paralyzed to cry out, “I want to wear diapers too!”

QUESTION: Do you have a memory of seeing someone your age in diapers that you want to share? Leave us a comment below.

The Toy You Want Back

Topic two was a fun one: Toys! The idea came from another thread on Daily Diapers forum asking what toy from your childhood do you wish you could find again?

There were a lot of fun responses and a trip down memory lane over there. Toddy loves the toys he had as a little diaper wearing kids and share some of his favorites on the show. Hint: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na… There will be more talk of toys and special things that make you feel little on an upcoming episode. So stay tuned to the same bat-time, same bat-chanell!

QUESTION: What toy do you want back from childhood, and what does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “I Want To Wear Diapers Too

  1. Phily says:

    I also got that same feeling about wanting to be diapered too. I became a DL when I was in kindergarten, and I had just been fully out of wearing diapers for like less than a year. I think in a way I never wanted out of them haha. But after I was able to sneak one and secretly put it on, I loved it, and wanted to be diapered again. I would sneak them when I could, and I even got caught with them a couple times. My mom was cool about it, but she didn’t allow me to wear them. I do remember my baby cousins being diapered, along with a few older ones as well, and how I so badly wanted to be diapered too! My feeling for wanting to wear got even stronger the first time I saw Goodnites. I was amazed to see they made bigger pull-ups for kids like me (having not known about youth or adult sized diapers then) and I had to find a way to get them. Goodnites were the first pack of diapers I bought, and I secretly managed to get them a few more times after that. I wore those for a while, then started getting into adult diapers after high school, which I wear more often these days.

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