Today I Chose The Diaper

Sometimes the life of this ABDL is filled with hard choices: Should I wear a diaper this morning, or not? Should I record an episode of the ABDLcast podcast, or not? Should I wear a diaper and podcast? Today I chose the diaper.

This image shows an Abena M4 and Abena L4 plastic back adult diaper.

Don’t Podcast Mad; Just Podcast Away

The ABDLcast has always received a good amount of feedback. Every episode has generated multiple comments, tweets, email, forum interactions – except for the last one, I Want To Wear Diapers Too. Sammy and I can’t figure out why, but not a single person was moved to provide feedback or answer any of the questions we posed. And there are a lot of people visiting this website. It must have been a bad episode.

Needless to say that kept me from recording last week. I just wanted the time to reevaluate the show. That many visits to the website with no interaction is a bad sign. But I ended up with a story out of it! I came to the studio wearing a diaper sample that I was initially very excited about (talked about it on a past episode) and left with the worst diaper malfunction I’ve had. I’ll talk about it on an upcoming show (maybe).

I Chose The Diaper

I had intended to record a show this morning, but woke up a little peeved and thought that it would negatively affect the show. One should never podcast about the joys of diapers when mad; it makes for a bad show. I decided that trying an Abena L4 – a diaper so cartoonishly large on me that I’ve mentioned it at least once… or twice on the ABDLcast – may put me in brighter spirits. After all, Sammy and I have the next episode outlined and ready to record. But alas! I enjoyed the ginormous Abena L4 so much that I chose the diaper over the podcast today :)

Wanna Help Sammy And I?

Here is where you, the audience, come it. All you have to do is answer this simple question:

What is the worst diaper malfunction you have experienced?

Have you had a tape pop off? Two tapes? All of the tapes? How about that dreaded split up the back that some have complained about? Have you received diapers with pin-holes in them? Did they leak all over?

That’s a lot of questions! Let us know in the comments below and maybe we’ll use some on an upcoming episode. While you’re at it let us know why you didn’t like the last episode – unless you’re one of those that hate the voice. That isn’t changing, so it does no good to complain about it. We explained it all on the first episode ;)

Hopefully Sammy and I will talk to you soon!


4 thoughts on “Today I Chose The Diaper

  1. I was testing out some heavy duty overnight diapers, though I forget the brand. By testing, I filling them with warm water from a jug until they got dangerously close to breaking point. I got to about 3 litres, and all seemed safe enough, so I stepped out of the bath (I’m not a madman, I do this all the bath just in case). As I was untaping them, the weight of the full diaper took me completely by surprise. Splat. A bathroom floor covered in the most annoying slippery diaper fluff you ever saw. Took at least an hour to clean that lot up (so I slipped into a latex maid costume for a little motivation as I worked!)

  2. Thickdiaps says:

    I have been wearing diapers for a really long time, so I have had pretty much every malfunction in the book. One very memorable malfunction: I was taking the train across the country and was wearing a Molicare diaper. It was summer, and I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. I was riding in the dining car, and stood up to leave, and started walking to the sleeping car. Unknown to me, my diaper split down the middle, and I was leaving a trail of wet diaper stuffing behind me. A waiter let me know I was doing so (“sir, you have something coming out of your shorts…”) . I apologized and went back to my room to inspect the damage. Sure enough, my diaper split down the entire back side! That was so embarrassing! I learned my lesson though, I now always wear underwear over the outside of the diaper when out in public.

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