Diaper On Diaper Off: ABDL Binge And Purge Cycle

After two months Toddy and Sammy are back with the biggest (and perhaps most serious) episode of the ABDLcast yet. The all too common ABDL binge and purge cycle – how can we avoid it? We discuss some helpful feedback on that and much more.

This images shows a Dry 24/7 medium size diaper, XP Medical Absorbency Plus large size diaper, and a Bamino Bianco large size diaper stacked on top of each other.

Bottom: Large Bambino Bianco. Middle: Large XP Medical Absorbency Plus. Top: Medium Dry 24/7. Originally posted on Twitter by @ABDLcast


The ABDL Binge And Purge Cycle

Diaper on; diaper off. The ABDL binge and purge cycle – what is it, what causes it, how does it make one feel, and how can we control it? This topic was inspired by a forum member on the Daily Diapers forum who made the claim that with the advent and promulgation of the Internet the binge and purge cycle that has plagued many an ABDL over the years has all but gone the way of the pet rock, that is it not a problem anymore.

Toddy created a new thread on the DD board to find out if this was really the case. Excerpts of some of the replies are as follows:

…learned that even just liking to wear diapers isn’t as abnormal, let alone unhealthy, as I was originally led to believe. – Baby Brian

Even when I found out I was not alone and it was ok thanks to the internet, my need to binge and purge this lifestyle has not stopped
– LilFozzyJ5

I feel regret, angry, guilt, and I feel like I need to grow up, and I end up throwing everything away. – Demon-hunter

Listen to the podcast to hear the full discussion, and hopefully to find some answers and some balance in order to rid ourselves of the hurtful (and expensive) binge and purge cycle. A heavy topic, we know. But one we think will help many.

QUESTIONS: What caused you to purge your diapers and things? How did you feel after purging? What did you think and feel before the next binge began? Have you found a BALANCE that comes from personal awareness?

What Diaper Is That

Toddy has been testing samples of many different brands in the never-ending quest to find the perfect diaper. What has he been wearing lately and what are his current favorites, which diaper is he wanting to try next? We talk about it on this episode of the ABDLcast.

QUESTION: What is your favorite disposable diaper right now, and why?

Time Stamps

For your convenience here is where you can find what in this unusually long episode:

00:00 – Introduction and Chit-Chat

06:20 – Listener Feedback (some great comments!)

26:50 – The Binge And Purge Cycle

50:10 – Story Time (don’t miss it!)

51:40 – Toddy’s Diaper List

Click on the player below or use the links for other ways to get the ABDLcast. And don’t forget to follow @ABDLcast on Twitter ;)



4 thoughts on “Diaper On Diaper Off: ABDL Binge And Purge Cycle

  1. baby Fox says:

    dear toddy smurf by the way this will be long feedback use any or all part this hi here babyfox here first off i’m a boy and I love the show, your voice.the music break storytime sammy is great i work in the world of sound and this podcast sounds amazing! your voice is nice a clear. thank you so much for keeping things clean! i just found your show thru itunes store today sunday 3/22/2015

    for starters i grew up in the 90’s i always have loved diapers and my ab/dl-ness started at 5 years old i fanshed my own diaper just using my blanket so that’s where my ab/dl-ness started

    i feel my folks rushed me out of diapers and so yeah i hate the idea of people rushing there kids thru diapers cause my inner kid is a baby like 2 years old

    i also think that my diaper wearing should behind closed doors i also felt freaky about wanting diapers and yes everything is better in a diaper !

    i have never had diaper nightmares and one thing i can remember i was about 3 years old i think one night my mom changing my diaper then zipping me into footy pj getting diapered then helping into my footy pj she started with my right foot that how clearly i can recall and just felt very loving

    as i for as using diaper i only wet my diapers i love my plushy fox and i had a plushy pongo from 101 dalmations i loved him he was very much my best friend and when i’m in diaper it’s the very last 80s

    and diapers are like me like my dog lol
    Well thank you for reading my feedback keep up the good work tod and Sammy

    Have an awesome day Your new listener
    baby Fox

    • Hi baby Fox!

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave us a comment. We really appreciate it and can’t wait to share some of your story and thoughts with the listeners and an upcoming show :)

  2. hi Toddy and Sammy
    i’m working my way backwards through the podcasts and totally enjoyed this episode while out for a beautiful walk in the river valley (aside – you know some people say that they need to stop everything and listen, well they should just take you and Sammy out for a walk with them!! It’s soo cool because it is like talking about something naught out in the public (giggle)).

    The binge perge issue is such an important topic that I think you should visit it again. Acceptance has to counter the guilt. But we also have to try to figure out the “why” about the guilt. Even if it only makes sense to you (is your truth) then understanding that guilt will help. Like – I feel guilty or bad? Why? Because being a little is not supposedly right? Why do I like being a little? Because (my truth) when I was little things seemed right in the world and it was a good time. So why is capturing the good feeling bad again now? I guess its not. In fact I guess it is actually good because in a rather harmless way, I get to reset my view.

    But here’s the most important thing I have learned at play-school today – Never buy (binge) littles stuff when you are hyped up being a little and never make purge decisions within 24 hour of finishing a little session. Just take deep breaths. At 61 I have learned that some of this relates to mental states of pre-post orgasm (hehhe).

    You guys are awesome and have really made my day better. Hugs!

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