Survey Says ABDL’s Prefer Premium Printed Diapers

We did a poll to see whether ABDL’s preferred printed diapers or plain diapers. The results surprised us. We talk about that and much more on this episode of the ABDLcast.

This image shows a pack of NorthShore Supreme Brief diapers and the ABDLcast logo and episode number 9.

Polling ABDL’s About Printed Diapers

We conducted an admittedly unscientific poll on the Daily Diapers forum asking three questions:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Do you prefer diapers plain or with prints?
  3. Were printed diapers available when you were young?

Toddy thought that the answers would be evenly divided right down the middle – depending on the age of the voter. The thinking being that the older voters who had no printed disposable diapers in the 70’s and early 80’s would prefer plain, all while diapers. But those that had printed diapers while growing up would prefer diapers with prints.

Sammy said that the wild card would be those older ABDL’s who decided that they prefer printed diapers even though they didn’t wear them as babies or toddlers.

The responses were not what Toddy expected:

I only had plain white disposables when I was a real baby. However, I would very much like to see prints on a diaper that actually works for my body shape – Baby Brian, 38

White nappies when young. However I would love printed – babybub, age unknown

When I was young it was white cloth diapers and clear plastic pants as far as I know. Today, since I started wearing diapers several years ago, I like printed disposable diapers better – jess78, 52

Adult Baby To Diaper Lover Or Vise Versa

Because of the unexpected results we were reminded of a topic request made by long-time listener, Rachel Emily:

I’d be interested in knowing how many people in the ABDL community changed their identities over time. For instance, I started out as strictly a diaper lover with a toe in the “Adult Kid” category to identifying more and more as [an Adult Baby] as time goes on. I just recently got myself a baby bottle, so I think I’m venturing rather deeply into AB territory.

Another friend of the podcast, tommyp, seconded the idea. We heard them and want to address the topic next episode, but we need your help!

QUESTION: Have you changed your ABDL identity over time?

Did you start out as strictly a Diaper Lover (DL) that over time added age-play, regression, “baby” items such as pacifiers, plushies, etc.? Or did you begin as and Adult Baby (AB) and have found that you have lost interest in the “babyish” things?

Let us know your story in the comments below. We would love to share it with the ABDLcast audience.

ABDL Audio Fun

What would an episode of the ABDLcast be without Story Time, Toddy’s Diaper Time, Music, Chat? Plus we have some news about ABUniverse and more – including the end to the search for the perfect diaper. Hint: Northshore Supreme Brief, anyone?

Click on the player below or use the links for other ways to get the ABDLcast. And don’t forget to follow @ABDLcast on Twitter and leave us a voice message on our SpeakPipe page ;)

Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Welcome/Updates
03:20 – Listener Feedback
18:15 – Discussion: Diapers With Or Without Prints
30:50 – Story Time
32:30 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
38:50 – News and Views
42:20 – Toddy and Sammy Wrap Up



4 thoughts on “Survey Says ABDL’s Prefer Premium Printed Diapers

  1. Baby Fox says:

    I role-play as a 2 year or sometimes even younger
    I prefer printed disposable diapers because they were what I war. When i was young and to feel babyish I just need my plushy a Fox named finder
    Hey toddy you’ve been waddling around for a while what do you think about now at days kids are in diapers for a longer a mount of time I just saw a pampers size 7 and a goodnights size 3XL I think I’m not alone in wanting to just relive my Diaper days and I right now I can’t buy / wear any Adult baby like diapers any tips for making it thru the hard times when your world says No more diapers :(

    Your friend baby Fox…

    • Hi Baby Fox!

      Thanks for the comments and questions. We’ll discuss it all in the ‘Feedback’ segment on the next show… which, hopefully, will be soon. We have bunches of stuff to talk about. Almost too much :O


  2. Bribee says:

    My ABDL identity changed over time, yes. I started out as a diaper lover AND an adult baby at the young age of about 4 or 5. The diaper thing was a fetish back then, but as I grew up, I noticed the fetish was kind of fading away. So I started as an AB+DL and just dropped the DL part. I still love diapers! But the sexual aspect I used to like is gone now.

  3. Ryance Helber says:

    I am wearing only a adult diapers fitted briefs on myself love them. I am wearing in bed at nights need them adult diapers fitted briefs on myself love them.

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