Simple Tips For When You Can’t Get ABDL Diapers

What can you do when ABDL diapers are not available? Many an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover have struggled with this question. On this episode of the ABDLcast we offer some simple tips for those times. Plus we have Toddy’s Diaper Time, News from the world of designer diapers, and much more!

This image shows a diaper fashioned from a terry cloth towel.

No Diapers For You?

There are many reasons why it may not be easy living as an ABDL. This is why there are so many outlets on the Internet devoted to offering support to folk like us. On the previous episode of the ABDLcast, Baby Fox wrote in with a statement coupled with a question:

Right now I can’t buy or wear any Adult baby-like diapers. Any tips for making it thru the hard times when your world says no more diapers?

This is never an easy situation. Nor are there easy answers. We do offer some simple tips for when you can’t get ABDL diapers, such as:

  • Modify baby diapers – both disposable or cloth
  • Fashion a cloth diaper out of bath or hand towels
  • Line your underwear with toilet paper

Toddy explains how he did each of those while growing up, and is sure to encourage listeners to stay away from another option that many an ABDL has resorted to: Theft.

Survey Says…

We’ve been conducting plenty of ABDL polls as of late via our Twitter account. You all have really been helping us shape the direction and future of the ABDLcast because of it. We discuss much of that in our update segment, and we let you know what to listen for in the near future. We also have plenty of news from the world of designer ABDL diapers, Toddy’s Diaper Time, a bunch of listener feedback, and much more.

ABDL Audio Entertainment

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Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Intro and Updates
10:20 – Listener Feedback
30:10 – Discussion: When You Can’t Get Diapers
45:20 – Story Time
47:25 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:15 – News and Views



4 thoughts on “Simple Tips For When You Can’t Get ABDL Diapers

  1. Rachel Emily says:

    Hi Toddy,

    Listening to the latest podcast as I write this, and your story about improvising diapers resonates with me. Your history sounds so similar to mine it’s eerie. I must admit, however, to not being as brave or as clever as you were. Stapling diapers together–why didn’t I think of that?

    The first time I attempted to put on a diaper–an old one of my brother’s that my mom used as a burp cloth–I couldn’t find any pins, so I had to just lie there with the diaper pulled between my legs and draped over me. I think, too, that simple fear prevented me from going to the lengths you did. Most likely, my folks would have found out, and it wouldn’t have been pleasant.

    I will admit to considering the toilet-paper method, but ultimately I decided against it, because it wouldn’t have felt authentic. Not to mention I prefer cloth anyway, so I resorted to improvising with T-shirts, (I’d tie them on–no pins available.)

    As for stealing diapers, I came close. I babysat two kids ages five and two when I was fifteen. The two year old was potty trained, but there were still some leftover diapers of hers tucked away on a high shelf in a closet. I asked the five year old if his folks had a stepladder, making up some lame excuse. He told his parents, who told mine,to my embarrassment. When confronted, I mumbled something noncommittal and fortunately the matter was dropped. Let me tell you, I didn’t do that again.

  2. Rachel Emily says:

    To clarify my previous comment, the five-year-old knew I was after the diapers, because stupid me made the mistake of telling him (heaven only knows what excuse I used). The kid’s parents, and mine, naturally, found that just a bit odd. And no, I never did get those diapers, darn it.

    I didn’t tell my mom the true reason for what I did until about four years ago. I just wish I’d had the courage to tell her about it sooner.

  3. Baby fox says:

    Hi Toddy

    this is baby fox coming to you from Arizona thanks for the tips and the mediation tip has helped so much and laughed at the throw a dog a bone lol

    ps thank for the bone by the way ( wags fox tail and enjoying bone ) lol

  4. I didn’t remember this until after I listened to the episode following this one, but back when I was first developing an interest in diapers, I sometimes made a makeshift diaper out of a bath towel, but I more often did it with a blanket that was usually on top of the comforter on my bed. It would just go over whatever clothing I was wearing at the time. I recall one instance when I had done it and then was lying on the floor watching TV in my room. My mother came in (I was maybe 12, 13, if not slightly older) and asked why I had the blanket arranged as I did, and I think I said it was because I was cold (which wasn’t a complete lie). She let the matter drop, but it was a while before I did anything of the sort again.

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