Creative Ways ABDL’s Get Diapers Part 1

Many Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers have stories of creative and unusual ways of getting diapers. We start a new series on this topic with a story involving a birthday sleepover and a scavenger hunt which resulted in the teeniest diaper Toddy ever saw. Hey! It’s an ABDL life.

abdlcast 12 art


Strange, Unusual, and Creative Ways To Get Diapers

I was maybe 10 years old at the time. All of us neighborhood kids were celebrating my best friend’s birthday and having a wonderful time at his party. Then his mom announced the next activity on the agenda: A scavenger hunt! We were divided up into teams and sent out in the neighborhood with a list of weird items we had to collect in order to win.

The list that my group had included my very favorite thing: A diaper. And I got it! But what happened when the nice lady brought it to me at the door is not what I had expected. Make sure you don’t miss this story in the first installment of this new ABDLcast series.

QUESTION: What strange, unusual, or creative ways have you ended up with diapers? Let us know in the comments.

Story Time And Diaper Time Make For A Good Time

We are still making our way through Story Land with Bugs Bunny. This episode finds us meeting a very crazy duck masquerading as a great detective who had something stolen from right under his nose, er, beak.

And Toddy gives some quick thoughts on the NorthShore Supreme Lite diaper. How does it compare to his beloved original NorthShore Supreme? Listen to this episode to find out.

The ABDLcast Polls Are Open

Starting this episode we – when the occasion arises – are going to include audience polls in the show blog posts. Some will be a simple multiple choice vote. Others, such as this one will require your individual answers. This question comes from @LovesPampers on Twitter:

Regarding your first time buying diapers, please answer the following

  • What age were you?
  • What did you do when you got home with that first pack?

Remember: keep your answer clean. These questions could potentially spark some wonderful conversation among ABDL folk. Please give us your answers in the comments.

ABDL Artist Wanted

We are looking for listeners to start submitting artwork for use in individual episodes of the ABDLcast. These will be included in the show note blog posts for each podcast we release. Use crayons and paper; markers and construction paper; digital drawing programs. Anything will do. Just make it clean, cute, fun, and kid-like. We’ll give you credit, of course. More information can be heard on this episode of the ABDLcast.

Until next time – Crinkle, crinkle little star ;)

Click on the player below or use the links for other ways to get the ABDLcast. And don’t forget to follow @ABDLcast on Twitter and leave us a voice message on our SpeakPipe page ;)

Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Intro and Updates
12:52 – Listener Feedback
20:10 – Discussion: Creative Ways ABDL’s Get Diapers
35:44 – Story Time
37:34 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
41:42 – News and Views
43:43 – ABDLcast Poll



15 thoughts on “Creative Ways ABDL’s Get Diapers Part 1

  1. Rachel Emily says:

    Hey Toddy,

    One of your better shows–a longer comment is in the “pipeline”–the SpeakPipe-line, that is. (Cue your recording of the kids booing now). I did, however, want to add one more thing I forgot to mention. Since you’re looking for an artist, I think you should know I’m a cartoonist, and would be glad to contribute if you give me a general idea of what you’re looking for.

    I have a Flickr account, but don’t know how I can post anything obviously ABDL-related there without outing myself on the net. Maybe you have some suggestions?

    • Oh, wow! I had no idea that you were a cartoonist. Did you design your avatar on the Daily Diapers board?

      I really don’t have a picture in my mind of what we are looking for. It could be anything – simple drawings of Sammy and I bantering back-n-forth; depictions of the “perfect” changing table; a simple scene from a story we tell on the show. It could be purely what the artist feels their muse is inspiring them to draw. It could be literally anything.

      The best would be depictions of images that pop into one’s mind while listening to an ABDLcast episode – whether it has anything tangible to do with that particular episode or not :)

      And, you are absolutely correct. I should have just told everyone to email me their pictures along with how the artist want to be credited (names, links, etc.) – should we chose to use their drawing.

      Thanks for everything, Rachel Emily :)

      • Rachel Emily says:

        Hi Toddy,

        No, unfortunately, I didn’t draw the avatar I use on DailyDiapers. That came from a public-domain image site. I have on occasion thought of replacing it with one of my own drawings, but people there have grown accustomed to the one I’ve been using.

  2. Diapered Writer says:

    Two stories one for last episode, and one for LovesPampers (Awesome name, by the way) for next week.

    Unusual ways to get a diaper? My next door neighbor’s mom ran a day care. When I was around 10-11-12, the neighborhood kids would play a version of hide and seek / tag at night, which was really just an excuse for us to run around all the neighborhood yards in the dark of night, laughing and insulting one another.One night, I cheated and snuck inside the day care side of this house. I knew his mom was upstairs so had to be extra quiet. Having been to his house before, I knew where the “diaper room” was. Silently, I crept inside and found myself surrounded by Pampers, Luvs, and Huggies of all shapes and sizes. It was my own version of Seven Minutes in Heaven, to be sure. I didn’t have that much time, so I grabbed the largest one I saw. An Ultra Pampers (from the orange box. Size L – for babies over 23 lbs). I slipped one under my coat and snuck back out, and ran around the neighborhood like my comrades, all of whom were blissfully unaware that one of us was smuggling Pampers under his coat.

    After that round was over I faked tired and went home with my ill-gotten goods. I ran straight up to my room and stared at it. Opened it. Smelled it (I still conted to this day that fresh Pampers is the greatest smell in the known universe. If only Yankee Candle could capture this). I basically did everything but wear it (that would come days later, when I knew I’d be alone). I remember holding it, fully open and somehow it was holding its curved shape, like a little waterproof boat in my hands. The much advertized Blue Waist Shield on each end. Tapes still sealed shut. Smelling amazing. If it weren’t for the blatant thievery, which I still kind of regret to this day, it is an amazing memory.

    And as for the first time I ever bought diapers outright – I was in 8th grade. My whole family was off doing something, but I was old enough to be home alone. After years of pining for diapers silently on my own, it was now time to do something about it. I live in a small town, where everybody knows everybody else. But I went to the local grocery store anyway.There they were. The same Ultra Pampers in the orange box. They may have been Ultra Pampers Plus by this time. Hard to say.

    As I reached the check out, I was face to face with a girl I knew from school. She was a Junior, but we were on the same debate team, so she knew who I was too. But I just had to have these diapers. It was now or never to my early teenage mind. This was the exchange –

    LAURIE: (Looks at the Pampers, then looks at me quizzically)
    ME: I um . . my cousin is staying with us. And we needed some diapers.
    LAURIE: Whatever. I”m not the one who needs em
    ME: (mock offended) Well neither am I !!

    And I paid for them and got on my bike and got out of there. My retelling probably makes it come off as a lot smoother than it actually was. If she thought something was up, she never let on.

    I took it home and immediately tore into the box. Tore is probably not the right word. I carefully, gently opened the box, so as NOT to tear it. They the were. 12 Ultra Pampers diapers. All lined up perfectly. Their rounded tops, so smooth, so so inviting.

    Up until now, I had only had one diaper at a time. The first I ever wore were leftover Pampers left when my mom actually did babysit for a co-worder. And up until this point I only did what you did – I placed one in my underwear and held it as snugly in place as I could. But now – Now I had 12. 12 diapers. I kept saying the word out loud. I had diapers. I had Pampers.

    I finally slid one out of the box. Even though it was the largest size (XL Pampers and Huggies in the now nostalgic blue box (baby blue bag for Huggies) were still years away.), I was too big to wear one. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the tapes to meet up. Then I had a brilliant idea. I took a second diaper and pressed it with the tape side to my front, and the other with the tape side to my butt and taped them to each other. Then I got a piece of clear packing tape and pulled both of the other ends between my legs and taped them to each other. Finally I had a full diaper. A diaper that stayed on by itself. It was amazing. It was its own kind of (non-sexual) climax. It was pure joy.

    I wore my diaper all night, not using it, for fear of disposal issues. While diapered I did the silly things a preteen in love does. I remembered tracing the Pampers name and iconic baby logo onto several pieces of paper. I used the other diapers in the box like a pillow, and more than anything, I kept touching the front of my diaper. Not in a sexual way. I was still to young to be experimenting with that. But in a way that said “Holy bleep, I’m wearing a DIAPER”.

    Truly one of the greatest nights of my life.

    • You must be a writer, Diapered Writer, because this was an absolute thrill to read! I can’t wait to share and comment on it next episode. Thanks for that :)

  3. Afril Trueheart says:

    Hello Toddy! My name is Afril, and I just recently found your podcast about a week ago. I’ve been a long time diaper lover, and recently started to discover a little side to myself. Before I started listening to your podcast I hadn’t wore a diaper in about a year, but still had two left over diapers in my closet that I couldn’t resist wearing while listening to your show. I have to say that I absolutely love your show. I had gone so long not wearing diapers, money reasons, as I’m not willing to settle for anything but the best AB disposable diapers, but I found myself becoming obsessed with diapers and now I’ve broken down and ordered a couple of packs of bellissimos, though now I’m not struggling for money anymore. I find your show to be fun and invigorating. I like the Toddy Smirf voice, and the overall quality of the show. I’m even a fan of Sammy! I agree with you and have said it for years, if you don’t like something, don’t leave hateful comments, just don’t listen, eat, go or partake in the things that you don’t like, but there is never a reason to hurt someone just because you don’t like it. From listening to your show, I decided to check out the Big Little podcast, I just have to say that I like your show so much better. I’m sorry that you are feeling sick right now, my husband is feeling sicky too right now. I hope you get better soon. I’m actually listening to episode 12 right now as I’m typing this. Keep up the great work, you have a life time listener in me! Though I’m having a little trouble finding all the places you post at as (I know I’m late in doing so but) I would like to comment on all the other shows and not take up all your space here. As to Episode 12 I listen to you on an app called TuneIn Radio on my android device.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and share with us. Can’t wait to read your comment on the next episode. Other listeners will really enjoy it :)

      Help me to pronounce your name correctly. Could you spell our your 1st name phonetically? Does it sound like “April” with an “f,” as in funny?

  4. Fuyu the Wolf Rabbit says:

    Hello Toddy,

    Listened to the Podcast for the First Time Today and I love this show :3 and hope the Podcast Continues strong :D (I will catch up with

    Anyway I have a couple of Stories including weird ways I got Diapers including what got me into them and my first purchase of some :)

    1) To start off when I was 7 I had a spree of (accidental bed wetting) and my parents where fed up and trying to get me into the habit of toilet use before bed and to get me to start they made me wear diapers around the house, to me then it was humiliating and I soon learnt the toilet but little did I know that also started my absolute love of diapers :)

    2) I once had a friend when I was 8 who had a weak bladder (so he had to wear them at night) so the diapers he had he had a tonne of diapers in storage so when he wasn’t paying attention (actually he was sleeping but hey details details XD) and I smuggled them into my bag and every night I would wear them under my Bugs Life PJ’s and I was a heavy wetter so in the morning I would sneak out to the woods next to my house and I throw the used ones into the bins provided in the woods because they where very obvious so I had to hide the evidence. the best 20 nights of my life (and I was a sneaky kid so I was never caught hurray!)

    3) I kinda forgot the sensation for years but then I reached 15 and I had money and watching something (I cant remember what) but it sparked me wanting the sensation again so when I finished chilling round my friends I sneaked off to the local store and brought myself a pack my size (I was slightly larger frame so the only ones that where my size where Pull-Ups with a moon and rocket on them) so I paid the money and sneaked them into my room, I felt a rush of embarrassment like my heart was pounding, my inner child wanting to burst out, It was weird for me because during this time period it was my worst time with bullies at school so I was pretty down but this sensation rushed through me and I was really really happy and giggly for some reason so when my mommy and daddy went bed I put them on and ever since I have always worn them a couple times a week even investing in some cute pacifiers, a cuddly rabbit I cuddle to whenever I feel the adult blues and a couple of Winnie the Pooh bottles (yep I’m a big fan of classic WtP)

    anyway hope you feel so much better soon and hope you had a great Christmas

    many hugs

    Fuyu the Wolf Rabbit (from the Great Britain)

    (pronounced FooYou just so you knows hehe~)

    • Great stories! Thank you. We’re so happy that you found us and find the show enjoyable :) Can’t wait to share this on an upcoming episode (Yes, Sammy and I are here for the long haul!).

      • Fuyu the Wolf Rabbit says:

        Loving the older episodes too XD anyway can’t wait for the new episodes, I have enjoyed cuddling up in bed after this very chaotic Christmas with my bunny plush and relaxing and giggling to the awesome stories and learning alot more about the community I’m in, anyway thanks for replying to my comment

        A great big cuddle from a very stuffed (from eating way too much Christmas Turkey) and wishing you and Sammy a good and successful 2016

        Fuyu the Wolf Rabbit

  5. Lilbuck says:

    Hey man, I love the idea of the show. I want to love the show…but there are issues i really wish you would address.

    I have read several times people have pointed out that you’re conversing with a sound effect and it is distracting, (its like watching a full episode of peanuts if the adults were constantly talking to charlie brown) and the strange autotune on your voice makes it difficult to connect and identify with the host.

    Please stop taking offense as though these are attacks, and consider them constructive criticisms from listeners who want to tune in and offer feedback to help improve your show.

    All the best,


    • I’m grateful for this comment as it stands in stark contrast to every other comment on this blog.

      I’ve only trashed 1 single comment since the beginning of this site, and that because it was merely a diatribe filled with foul language from an obviously fake email account.

      This comment is good because it seems to suggest that we would do well to ignore the number of listeners that like the show the way it is; that their opinion carries no weight. In fact, this show is for those very people.

      The very 1st sentence of this comment is disingenuous in that it says the exact opposite of what it really implies. The “idea” of this show is _exactly_ what the show is. The sound, format, etc. is the show. To take those away makes this another show. There are other shows. Thankfully you have those shows to listen to and enjoy :)

      Thanks again!

      Toddy and Sammy

  6. maria says:

    please Toddy, continue with the podcasts!!! I love your voice, I love Sammy and I love the whole concept!! There’s nothing to complain about!!! And that wonderful tune in between topics, the clarinet – what is the song?

    lots and lots of hugs from me (I was born in 1970 :) )

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