How Involved In Your ABDL Activities Do You Want Your Partner To Be?

Many ABDL’s post on Internet forums seeking advice for how to get their spouse or partner to participate more in their ABDL activities. On this episode we explore the questions of how involved do you truly want your significant other to be, and have those desires changed over time? Plus Story Time, Toddy’s Diaper Time, and a whole lot more fun.

ABDL Achievement Unlocked!

If you spend any time browsing the various Adult Baby and Diaper Lover forums and message boards you will quickly notice a common theme in the thread titles. Many read something like these:

  • How can I get my girlfriend to diaper me?
  • How can I tell my boyfriend that I want to be treated like a baby?
  • Advice needed for getting my wife to be my full-time mommy

We have touched on this topic a couple times on the show in the episodes titled Talking About Diapers And ABDL and Telling My Wife That I Am An Adult Baby or Diaper Lover. Now we explore the question of how involved in your ABDL activities and proclivities (yes, there is a difference) do you really want your partner to be, and has it changed over time? We first asked this specific question during our previous episode and immediately received an email from our friend @Dypermann who was listening live on our ABDLcast Mixlr stream. He wrote:

I would like [my wife] to change me or be the one in charge and tell me its diaper time.  Just like, I’m sure, a lot of other folks want.

Toddy shares his thoughts on this topic in this episode, and we invite you to share your own in the comments below.

I Got Caught With Diapers

Last time we included a poll in the blog post asking if you have ever been caught with or wearing diapers. 62% of you said yes. Well it’s not good enough to just vote! We want to hear or read your stories.

QUESTION: What happened when you were caught with or wearing diapers?

Let us know in the comments or call our voice line using the link below.

ABDL Polls Are Open

This episode’s ABDLcast poll has been asked before on Twitter but we just couldn’t believe the results, so we’re asking again. There should be a poll embedded directly under this paragraph. I could see the poll in the last post on my iPad but not on my desktop using Firefox. Let me know if you have a problem seeing this poll (you’ll know you’re having a problem if you don’t see a poll). Please, only vote if you are a regular listener to the ABDLcast.

And until next time – Crinkle, crinkle little star :)

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2 thoughts on “How Involved In Your ABDL Activities Do You Want Your Partner To Be?

  1. Hello again. I replied on your reply to me about how to pronounce my name. lol Also I would like it to be noted, I am a gay male, who is married to a gay male. I know the if you were thinking that the name was close to April in pronunciation and I never specified that I am a male, with me stating husband, it is understandable to go with the assumption that I was a woman, but I am not, I am a boy. Now onto the question queried above, I would like it if my husband would offer to change me, or diaper me, but though he is accepting of my AB/DL side, he doesn’t really participate, he just says they are cute. I have managed to get him diapered I think two or three times at the beginning of our relationship, but he just isn’t that into wearing. I do call him daddy on a regular basis, and he calls me baby boy all the time. On how to get them more involved, talk to them, be honest about your feelings about it, and if they say that they are not that comfortable with being involved, don’t try to force it on them. Everyone is different, and not everyone is as understanding and accepting of our life styles, as we may not be fully understanding and accepting of others life styles. Thank you for listening. Also to clear up another misunderstanding from last episode, when I said I’m even a fan of Sammy’s, I should have said, that I’m also a big fan of Sammy’s, I think that your interactions with each other is adorable, and was just saying in contrast to the complaints that others had said about her. I think you do a wonderful job Sammy, and I always look forward to your part in the abdl cast! You’re both awesome!

  2. tadhgaby says:

    Hi Toddy and Sammy
    I wanted to share the quick story of getting caught in diapers. I had received my first cloth diapers from Kins – the super thick nighttime pre-folds with a cute baby print and was sitting on the back steps of our house wearing the diaper and a tank-top. It was sunny and I felt pretty secure that no one could see me. Suddenly the side gate opened and with in seconds the water meter reader guy from the city was in front of me asking to read the meter. What could I do? I got up, pulled down on my tank top a bit and turned to lead him in the house, down stairs to the the meter. He read it, and I lead him out, of course walking up the stairs ahead of him. He left saying nothing of course. I can just imagine the talk back at the coffee room that day. “Hey, I saw this grown man in a thick baby diaper today!” “Eh, that’s nothing…”
    Big hugs your faithful little listener Tad

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