Mental Health and ABDL in the News

Do Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers have a higher incidence of mental illness? Has the increased coverage of ABDL related stories in mainstream news and social media had a positive or negative effect on your mental well-being? It’s time we talk about these things on this episode of the ABDLcast.

A Different Kind of ABDLcast

Boy, is this episode different than any of its predecessors. Our goal has always been to produce a lighthearted, fun, and even whimsical podcast. This one is decidedly heavier in tone. I (Toddy) felt that I had to address these topics because they are important to me. And though I wanted to inject some levity into the subject, in the end, I was unable. I am sure to offend some listeners with my opinions. That was not my intent. What I did do is to speak from the heart. My heart.

ABDL and Mental Health

Admittedly Twitter polls are not scientific by any stretch of the imagination. If you want to read proper surveys Understanding Infantilism is the place to go. But that doesn’t stop us from creating polls. In late June, 2016 I tweeted about ABDLs and their Mental Health. The result – though a small sampling; only 111 votes – was quite shocking.

This image is from the Twitter poll described in this blog post.

Forty-Six percent of those who answered have either been diagnosed, or believe that they should be, with a mental illness. Assuming that these result are even close to reality, that seems to be disproportionately high, doesn’t it? Certainly it is higher than the general population of the U.S. We don’t attempt to answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the results. Instead we ask what effect the current spate of Adult Baby and Diaper Lover stories that have been in the news might have on those ABDLs who suffer with mental health issues.

ABDL in the News

Of course being an ABDL makes me a little more (that’s an understatement) sensitive to it, but it certainly seems that every time I turn around there is another news or opinion piece about Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers or ABDL designer diapers, etc. There were news stories trending on Facebook and regional and national news organizations reporting on stores that cater to ABDLs being protested. There are videos and exposés and radio talk shows and podcasts, along with plenty of opportunities for people who have never imagined such things to voice their (mainly negative) opinions in comment sections.

Some ABDLs are calling for “striking while the iron is hot” and marching in parades – making our “lifestyle” known to the masses. Others are wanting all this unsolicited attention to go away. In fact, some of us with mental illnesses are greatly troubled by it.

There was a time when discovering that I was NOT the only person who liked to wear diapers was a relief. There are times now when I wish that I was.

QUESTION: Do you find comfort in knowing you are not the only one in the world who likes diapers? What about when it is in the news and on your friends and families Facebook pages?

Let us know your thoughts. We’d love to share them on the ABDLcast.

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10 thoughts on “Mental Health and ABDL in the News

  1. Afril Trueheart says:

    Yes I would love to hear your live stuff as a podcast. I work nights and sleep during the day, so listening to a podcast is more convenient for me.

  2. Okay so I finally finished listening to the episode. I have to say I was the biggest fan of story time when it first started with Bugs Bunny and Storyland, but I have to say I absolutely love Woody Woodpecker story time. I was listening to that section on my way home from work this morning and it just put a massive smile on my face and made me feel very little. Love the show love everything about it keep doing it and yes you should make all of your life goes into a podcast because I love listening to your show above any other.

  3. I do take comfort in knowing that I am not the only one in the world who likes diapers, at least in the sense that any questions or concerns I may have can be addressed by people who understand those questions or concerns. I’m not one of the people who thinks that there is an AB/DL “community” that exists or that must be represented. Although people can be brought together or introduced through this shared interest, it’s not the primary thing that leads to long-lasting friendships and relationships. After all, we may be “adults who just like diapers,” but most of us are not “adults who only like diapers.”

    Because there isn’t an AB/DL community in my view, I am not bothered when AB/DL-related content ends up on the news and/or on sites like Facebook. If individuals want to expose their “lifestyle” to the public, it doesn’t affect me in any way. Neither does public opinion of that content. The only thing that would affect me would involve being involuntarily exposed, but the worst that would happen in that case would be some relatively short-lived embarrassment from my sexual practices being public knowledge.

    I think what the “strike while the iron is hot” people forget is that whether part of a “lifestyle” or not, whether personally viewed as “sexual” or not, the wearing and/or use of diapers outside of “normal,” “conventional,” or “accepted” circumstances is a kink (which is why AB/DL content is marketed toward, and its consumption is legally restricted to, adults). It’s nothing like being LBGTQ and therefore doesn’t need or even warrant “acceptance.” No one is being oppressed because of this. No one is facing discrimination because of this. No one is being hurt or killed because of this. The only thing that people should be worried about is acting within the confines of the law and only involving other people (i.e. adults) who have given their consent.

      • People when did we become the types to just say stuff to hurt people’s feelings. If you don’t like a restaurant, you just don’t go back. If you don’t like a musician, you don’t send them messages and hate mail saying you don’t like them, you just don’t listen to get them. If you don’t like a podcast, just don’t listen to it. Why is it necessary to hurt Todd’s feelings just because you don’t like or understand it. He stated his reason for the voice he uses multiple times throughout his show. If you find the need to belittle someone just because you don’t like someone’s format, then maybe it is time to look at your own life and find out where the hostility is coming from and work on bettering yourself before correcting others. We will never develope as a people until we learn to deal with our own issues and improve ourselves. Thank you for reading my rant, but it makes me loose hope in human kind even more when I see or hear people berating someone for doing something he or she likes just because they have nothing better to do, or because they don’t care about the effect it has on someone else’s life. Love you both Toddy and and Sammy!

  4. hi im luna . i apologize if this is hard to read but i just heard your mental illness post. i can totally empathize as a disabled person and a crinkle butt. i want to say a few things about my personal journey mainly because it feels good to get out there and only through hearing others stories of exeptance did i come to a emotionally healthy place . I’ve liked diapers all my life i can still remember when my little sister needed them but i hated that i felt there was some thing wrong with me even at five years old i got my answer at 7 when i was diagnosed with not one not two but three different disorders on top of anxiety and depression suddenly i had to go to a different school that could handle my “special” needs i was an out cast none of the other kids cared for me because not only was i a new kid but i was a new kid on the short bus i started to retreat in to my imagination drawing over talking befriending animals over people and this lasted through my teen age years but never was i brave enough to draw diapers not until i was an adult a writer i knew(who i will not name) goated me into illustrating his book finally i could draw diapers it felt so good but so naughty then soon after i started up an fa what was once a way to hide from the dangers of connection became a way to find friends and even my boyfriend (who is just as soggy as me ) i guess my question for you is have you ever seen diapers heal peoples hearts like they have mine?

  5. Hey there, Toddy. We miss you and the podcast quite a bit. We truly hope you are well.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you aren’t okay or if you could use a little assistance…or maybe a fun pick me up. I’d be happy to share my smiles with you.

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