Simple Tips For When You Can’t Get ABDL Diapers

What can you do when ABDL diapers are not available? Many an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover have struggled with this question. On this episode of the ABDLcast we offer some simple tips for those times. Plus we have Toddy’s Diaper Time, News from the world of designer diapers, and much more!

This image shows a diaper fashioned from a terry cloth towel.

No Diapers For You?

There are many reasons why it may not be easy living as an ABDL. This is why there are so many outlets on the Internet devoted to offering support to folk like us. On the previous episode of the ABDLcast, Baby Fox wrote in with a statement coupled with a question:

Right now I can’t buy or wear any Adult baby-like diapers. Any tips for making it thru the hard times when your world says no more diapers?

This is never an easy situation. Nor are there easy answers. We do offer some simple tips for when you can’t get ABDL diapers, such as:

  • Modify baby diapers – both disposable or cloth
  • Fashion a cloth diaper out of bath or hand towels
  • Line your underwear with toilet paper

Toddy explains how he did each of those while growing up, and is sure to encourage listeners to stay away from another option that many an ABDL has resorted to: Theft.

Survey Says…

We’ve been conducting plenty of ABDL polls as of late via our Twitter account. You all have really been helping us shape the direction and future of the ABDLcast because of it. We discuss much of that in our update segment, and we let you know what to listen for in the near future. We also have plenty of news from the world of designer ABDL diapers, Toddy’s Diaper Time, a bunch of listener feedback, and much more.

ABDL Audio Entertainment

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Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Intro and Updates
10:20 – Listener Feedback
30:10 – Discussion: When You Can’t Get Diapers
45:20 – Story Time
47:25 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:15 – News and Views



Telling My Wife That I Am An Adult Baby Or Diaper Lover

One of the most difficult things an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover will ever do is to tell their wife, spouse, or significant other that they are an ABDL. I tell my own story and how I am finding acceptance in this podcast.

This image shows an old time carnival picture of a wife with her diapered husband on her her knee.

Hi, Honey. I Like To Wear Diapers

It’s a question that untold number of ABDL’s (usually men) have suffered great anxiety over: How do I tell my wife, girlfriend, etc. that I like to wear diapers? As one writer put it:

Okay, so obviously telling my wife before marriage would have been the ideal choice, but now I’m almost 11 years into my marriage and have three kids. I honestly thought I could suppress the desire after I got married … I really need help because I want to tell her but I can’t find the courage.

I took this opportunity to tell my personal story: I did not tell my wife; I was discovered very early in our marriage. Find out what happened and where we are now in this episode of the podcast.


So… Is The ABDLcast Kaput, Or What?

Where have Toddy and Sammy been for 5 months, and is there a chance of this podcast continuing? We address those questions right at the beginning of the show. And we want your feedback on what we said. Let us know your thoughts. After all, it is your show too.

Plus, you don’t want to miss another trip to Storyland, some of the latest scoop from the wide-world of super-awesome adult diapers, and Toddy’s Diaper Time – where he tells which is his official diaper from now until forever – and some of the best feedback a podcast could ever have.

All that and much more on this episode of the ABDLcast!

Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Welcome/Updates
14:30 – Listener Feedback
32:07 – Discussion: Telling My Wife That I Am An ABDL
47:30 – Story Time
49:30 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:55 – News and Views
58:30 – Toddy and Sammy Wrap Up

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Survey Says ABDL’s Prefer Premium Printed Diapers

We did a poll to see whether ABDL’s preferred printed diapers or plain diapers. The results surprised us. We talk about that and much more on this episode of the ABDLcast.

This image shows a pack of NorthShore Supreme Brief diapers and the ABDLcast logo and episode number 9.

Polling ABDL’s About Printed Diapers

We conducted an admittedly unscientific poll on the Daily Diapers forum asking three questions:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Do you prefer diapers plain or with prints?
  3. Were printed diapers available when you were young?

Toddy thought that the answers would be evenly divided right down the middle – depending on the age of the voter. The thinking being that the older voters who had no printed disposable diapers in the 70’s and early 80’s would prefer plain, all while diapers. But those that had printed diapers while growing up would prefer diapers with prints.

Sammy said that the wild card would be those older ABDL’s who decided that they prefer printed diapers even though they didn’t wear them as babies or toddlers.

The responses were not what Toddy expected:

I only had plain white disposables when I was a real baby. However, I would very much like to see prints on a diaper that actually works for my body shape – Baby Brian, 38

White nappies when young. However I would love printed – babybub, age unknown

When I was young it was white cloth diapers and clear plastic pants as far as I know. Today, since I started wearing diapers several years ago, I like printed disposable diapers better – jess78, 52

Adult Baby To Diaper Lover Or Vise Versa

Because of the unexpected results we were reminded of a topic request made by long-time listener, Rachel Emily:

I’d be interested in knowing how many people in the ABDL community changed their identities over time. For instance, I started out as strictly a diaper lover with a toe in the “Adult Kid” category to identifying more and more as [an Adult Baby] as time goes on. I just recently got myself a baby bottle, so I think I’m venturing rather deeply into AB territory.

Another friend of the podcast, tommyp, seconded the idea. We heard them and want to address the topic next episode, but we need your help!

QUESTION: Have you changed your ABDL identity over time?

Did you start out as strictly a Diaper Lover (DL) that over time added age-play, regression, “baby” items such as pacifiers, plushies, etc.? Or did you begin as and Adult Baby (AB) and have found that you have lost interest in the “babyish” things?

Let us know your story in the comments below. We would love to share it with the ABDLcast audience.

ABDL Audio Fun

What would an episode of the ABDLcast be without Story Time, Toddy’s Diaper Time, Music, Chat? Plus we have some news about ABUniverse and more – including the end to the search for the perfect diaper. Hint: Northshore Supreme Brief, anyone?

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Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Welcome/Updates
03:20 – Listener Feedback
18:15 – Discussion: Diapers With Or Without Prints
30:50 – Story Time
32:30 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
38:50 – News and Views
42:20 – Toddy and Sammy Wrap Up


Are Plushies An Adult Baby’s Favorite Thing Other Than Diapers?

We surveyed ABDL’s about the importance of their plashies and were amazed by the response. Adult Baby’s seem to overwhelmingly love their soft and cuddly stuffed friends. Listen to this episode of the ABDLcast to hear just how much.

My Favorite Things

This image shows vintage plushies and stuffed animals for ABDL's and Adult Babies.As we prepared for this show that old Sound Of Music tune kept going through my head, but I changed it to “Diapers, and plushies, and a nice, soft blankie…” I know it doesn’t rhyme too well, but I can make it work just fine :)

This topic has been brewing for quiet a while, and we’ve had many requests to talk about it on the show. We went to the ABDL subreddit on as well as the Daily Diapers forum and posed a series of questions to get your thoughts. They were as follows:

  • Do you have any plushies?
  • Tell us about your favorite one
  • Why are they important to you?
  • What do you do with your plushie?
  • Is there something other than plushies that you just have to have?

Diapers And Plushies Are Fun

The answers were awesome! You simply must click the links above and read all of them to get an even fuller understanding of how Adult Baby’s (I’m assuming most of the responses were from those identifying more heavily on the AB side of the ABDL spectrum) feel about their plushies. But some of the highlights include:

My favorite is Dr. Quackers. My wife got him for me for the car ride home from the emergency room after I broke my ankle last winter. He’s since become a permanent member of the bed-sitters. – Mattykinss via reddit

I think that my plushies make me feel really small and secure when I crawl into my bed. I LOVE soft things… – Dapperkun via reddit

[W]hen you hold a plushie, you’re holding a piece of yourself. The piece of yourself that needs to be held. – WakkoWannaBe via DailyDiapers

I love plushies because they’re soft and cuddly and that’s how I indulge my AB side a bit.  – Cute_Kitten via DailyDiapers

QUESTIONS: What items do you need to help you feel little? Are they the things that you had when you were little, or did you develop an affinity later in life?

What Diaper Is That

We also give an update on what diapers Toddy has been wearing – including a diaper that has had tape issues 3 times in a row (!!), and the diaper to beat: the Dry 24/7. Plus a ton of listener feedback, updates, fun, and of course Story Time! All that and much more on this episode of the ABDLcast – a podcast for adults who just like diapers :)

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Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Welcome/Updates
04:00 – Listener Feedback
28:20 – Discussion: Plushies And Other Favorite Things
50:05 – Story Time
52:20 – What Diaper Is That?/News/Erratic
59:05 – Wrap-Up


Diaper On Diaper Off: ABDL Binge And Purge Cycle

After two months Toddy and Sammy are back with the biggest (and perhaps most serious) episode of the ABDLcast yet. The all too common ABDL binge and purge cycle – how can we avoid it? We discuss some helpful feedback on that and much more.

This images shows a Dry 24/7 medium size diaper, XP Medical Absorbency Plus large size diaper, and a Bamino Bianco large size diaper stacked on top of each other.

Bottom: Large Bambino Bianco. Middle: Large XP Medical Absorbency Plus. Top: Medium Dry 24/7. Originally posted on Twitter by @ABDLcast


The ABDL Binge And Purge Cycle

Diaper on; diaper off. The ABDL binge and purge cycle – what is it, what causes it, how does it make one feel, and how can we control it? This topic was inspired by a forum member on the Daily Diapers forum who made the claim that with the advent and promulgation of the Internet the binge and purge cycle that has plagued many an ABDL over the years has all but gone the way of the pet rock, that is it not a problem anymore.

Toddy created a new thread on the DD board to find out if this was really the case. Excerpts of some of the replies are as follows:

…learned that even just liking to wear diapers isn’t as abnormal, let alone unhealthy, as I was originally led to believe. – Baby Brian

Even when I found out I was not alone and it was ok thanks to the internet, my need to binge and purge this lifestyle has not stopped
– LilFozzyJ5

I feel regret, angry, guilt, and I feel like I need to grow up, and I end up throwing everything away. – Demon-hunter

Listen to the podcast to hear the full discussion, and hopefully to find some answers and some balance in order to rid ourselves of the hurtful (and expensive) binge and purge cycle. A heavy topic, we know. But one we think will help many.

QUESTIONS: What caused you to purge your diapers and things? How did you feel after purging? What did you think and feel before the next binge began? Have you found a BALANCE that comes from personal awareness?

What Diaper Is That

Toddy has been testing samples of many different brands in the never-ending quest to find the perfect diaper. What has he been wearing lately and what are his current favorites, which diaper is he wanting to try next? We talk about it on this episode of the ABDLcast.

QUESTION: What is your favorite disposable diaper right now, and why?

Time Stamps

For your convenience here is where you can find what in this unusually long episode:

00:00 – Introduction and Chit-Chat

06:20 – Listener Feedback (some great comments!)

26:50 – The Binge And Purge Cycle

50:10 – Story Time (don’t miss it!)

51:40 – Toddy’s Diaper List

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Today I Chose The Diaper

Sometimes the life of this ABDL is filled with hard choices: Should I wear a diaper this morning, or not? Should I record an episode of the ABDLcast podcast, or not? Should I wear a diaper and podcast? Today I chose the diaper.

This image shows an Abena M4 and Abena L4 plastic back adult diaper.

Don’t Podcast Mad; Just Podcast Away

The ABDLcast has always received a good amount of feedback. Every episode has generated multiple comments, tweets, email, forum interactions – except for the last one, I Want To Wear Diapers Too. Sammy and I can’t figure out why, but not a single person was moved to provide feedback or answer any of the questions we posed. And there are a lot of people visiting this website. It must have been a bad episode.

Needless to say that kept me from recording last week. I just wanted the time to reevaluate the show. That many visits to the website with no interaction is a bad sign. But I ended up with a story out of it! I came to the studio wearing a diaper sample that I was initially very excited about (talked about it on a past episode) and left with the worst diaper malfunction I’ve had. I’ll talk about it on an upcoming show (maybe).

I Chose The Diaper

I had intended to record a show this morning, but woke up a little peeved and thought that it would negatively affect the show. One should never podcast about the joys of diapers when mad; it makes for a bad show. I decided that trying an Abena L4 – a diaper so cartoonishly large on me that I’ve mentioned it at least once… or twice on the ABDLcast – may put me in brighter spirits. After all, Sammy and I have the next episode outlined and ready to record. But alas! I enjoyed the ginormous Abena L4 so much that I chose the diaper over the podcast today :)

Wanna Help Sammy And I?

Here is where you, the audience, come it. All you have to do is answer this simple question:

What is the worst diaper malfunction you have experienced?

Have you had a tape pop off? Two tapes? All of the tapes? How about that dreaded split up the back that some have complained about? Have you received diapers with pin-holes in them? Did they leak all over?

That’s a lot of questions! Let us know in the comments below and maybe we’ll use some on an upcoming episode. While you’re at it let us know why you didn’t like the last episode – unless you’re one of those that hate the voice. That isn’t changing, so it does no good to complain about it. We explained it all on the first episode ;)

Hopefully Sammy and I will talk to you soon!

I Want To Wear Diapers Too

This week on ABDLcast we ask the question, “Why do they get to wear diapers?” and talk about the childhood toys us ABDL folk wish we still had. Plus a whole lot more with Toddy and Sammy.

I Want To Wear Diapers

This image is a vintage advertisment for Staydry Panties. Toddy started a thread on the Daily Diapers Forum asking ABDL’s if you have any early memories of being out of diapers but finding someone your age that still wore. And whether you believe that the experience was a trigger for your diaper desires. We got some great feedback to discuss on the show such as:

“I had a friend in that class and I remember her telling me her seven year old brother wears diapers. I just remember thinking how lucky he is.” – Spokane Girl

“When I was about 10 I used to hang out with the kid down the street and his sister whom was around 8 years old wore diapers at night.” – Lumia_black

“I watched him my whole life get babied and diapered well after I was out of diapers and I feel this was one of my triggers for always wanting to wear diapers.” – Backindiapers

Toddy tells his own story of the “deer-caught-in-the-headlights” moment when he found himself face-to-face with a cousin his age being diapered for a late night drive home. Thankfully he was too paralyzed to cry out, “I want to wear diapers too!”

QUESTION: Do you have a memory of seeing someone your age in diapers that you want to share? Leave us a comment below.

The Toy You Want Back

Topic two was a fun one: Toys! The idea came from another thread on Daily Diapers forum asking what toy from your childhood do you wish you could find again?

There were a lot of fun responses and a trip down memory lane over there. Toddy loves the toys he had as a little diaper wearing kids and share some of his favorites on the show. Hint: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na… There will be more talk of toys and special things that make you feel little on an upcoming episode. So stay tuned to the same bat-time, same bat-chanell!

QUESTION: What toy do you want back from childhood, and what does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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