Dumb Things ABDLs Do In Diapers

Admit it. Us ABDLs are capable of doing really dumb things in diapers. And many of us have done them. On this episode of the ABDLcast podcast we ask, what are some of the dumbest things you’ve done while diapered? Listen as Toddy recalls just one of the daring and dumb things he has done in the name of the crinkle.

This image shows Toddy Smurf playing with blocks. Drawn for ABDLcast by BabyWolfie1313.

Drawn by Chris Wolfie – @babywolfie1313 on Twitter.

Dumb Things ABDLs Do In Diapers

When I was about 12 years old I was home alone with my little brother. He was only about 5 years old, so I thought I could get away with wearing a diaper around the house while we watched TV. It was a really poor decision made in my pre-adolescent, diaper-crazed mind. One that I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do. But how did it turn out? Was my diaper discovered? Listen to the show to find out.

This topic goes nicely with a suggested topic from our friend Diaper Facts (@LovesPampers on Twitter):

What is the most ridiculous thing you do, or have done, to get your diaper fix?

Let us know in the comments below. We would love to share your stories on an upcoming episode of ABDLcast.

A Question For The Ages: AB or DL?

Actually it is just the Question Of The Day, really. We talked about it briefly on the previous episode: What is the difference between Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. What about people (like Toddy) that prefer Adult Kid? Can we really identify and define these terms? Is it even necessary? We found a question that our old pal @tadhgabybear posed to us on Twitter as a possible topic for a podcast:

How do you differentiate between AB and DL?

We’re not sure that we could devote a whole episode of ABDLcast to it, but we would love to read your thoughts during the Listener Feedback segment. So share them in the comments below.

Fank You Very Much!

We’ve been asking for listener submitted artwork and our good friend Chris Wolf came through! We love the picture of Toddy Smurf in crayon that he drew especially for us :) Chris is a real pal of the ABDLcast and his support is just awesome. Thank you so much, Chris! He is @babywolfie1313 on Twitter. Make sure to follow him.

Check Out Crinkle Crate

This image shows the Crinkle Crate logo.

Many of you know that long time ABDLcast listener Nites is launching a subscription box service for ABDLs called Crinkle Crate, and it sounds FANTASTIC! Check out some of the Press Release:

There are many struggles that we as members of the ABDL community face, but limited item options and overwhelming retail and shipping prices should not be some of them. Crinkle Crate was developed to solve these issues. We’ve partnered with well known business in the community like Onesies Downunder, Rearz, Bambino Diapers, AB Universe, and many more to bring the highest quality items from around the world straight to your door! Crinkle Crate is a monthly themed box which will feature 4-7 hand picked items ranging from disposable and cloth diapers, onesies, shortalls, plastic pants, footed sleepers, adult pacifiers, adult baby bottles, accessories, toys and much much more!

Wow! For more information and to sign up go to CrinkleCrate.com and tell them Toddy Smurf sent ya :)

ABDLcast Poll

You’ve heard us talking about Mixlr for quite a few episodes now, and that is what this poll is about. As always, please vote only if you are an ABDLcast listener – especially if you subscribe to the podcast. The poll will expire in 1 week from the date posted above.

Note: the following poll doesn’t show up in every browser, and I haven’t spent the time to figure out why. If you don’t see it please try another browser. We really want your vote on this.

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What Was Your First Adult Diaper?

It’s a special event in the life of any ABDL and one which many remember vividly. What was the very first adult diaper that you wore? On this episode of our podcast Toddy tells stories about his first experiences with adult diapers and recalls the vintage Attends of the 1980’s.

My First Adult Diaper

This image shows a grown man in an adult size diaper on New Years Eve in 1955.

What was your first adult diaper, and did it fit better than this man’s?

My first time realizing that there were such as thing as adult diapers was while looking through an old Sears catalog when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I cannot express the excitement I felt upon learning that there were real diapers that would fit me! I wouldn’t have to modify baby diapers any more. If I could get some of these delightful looking diapers, that is.

Attends Adult Diapers

I never did get to try those diapers from the catalog – which, if memory serves, were single tape per side! But a few years later – just as I was preparing myself for a driver’s license – I discovered Attends briefs and belted undergarments. Yes! more adult diapers. And they were available at the local Thrifty’s drug store.

No longer would I have to tape, staple, and sew two baby diapers together in order to wear a make-shift diaper. Now I could wear diapers that fit me like a diaper is supposed to fit. But what was my reaction to these adult diapers? Listen to the show and hear the full story.

What was your first Adult Diaper, and what do you remember most about them? Let us know in the comments below.

ABDL Entertainment

Also on this episode of the ABDLcast we discuss the result of a couple listener polls, finish our trip through Storyland, read a bunch of great listener feedback, share some news from the world of ABDL designer diapers, and a whole lot more.

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How Involved In Your ABDL Activities Do You Want Your Partner To Be?

Many ABDL’s post on Internet forums seeking advice for how to get their spouse or partner to participate more in their ABDL activities. On this episode we explore the questions of how involved do you truly want your significant other to be, and have those desires changed over time? Plus Story Time, Toddy’s Diaper Time, and a whole lot more fun.

ABDL Achievement Unlocked!

If you spend any time browsing the various Adult Baby and Diaper Lover forums and message boards you will quickly notice a common theme in the thread titles. Many read something like these:

  • How can I get my girlfriend to diaper me?
  • How can I tell my boyfriend that I want to be treated like a baby?
  • Advice needed for getting my wife to be my full-time mommy

We have touched on this topic a couple times on the show in the episodes titled Talking About Diapers And ABDL and Telling My Wife That I Am An Adult Baby or Diaper Lover. Now we explore the question of how involved in your ABDL activities and proclivities (yes, there is a difference) do you really want your partner to be, and has it changed over time? We first asked this specific question during our previous episode and immediately received an email from our friend @Dypermann who was listening live on our ABDLcast Mixlr stream. He wrote:

I would like [my wife] to change me or be the one in charge and tell me its diaper time.  Just like, I’m sure, a lot of other folks want.

Toddy shares his thoughts on this topic in this episode, and we invite you to share your own in the comments below.

I Got Caught With Diapers

Last time we included a poll in the blog post asking if you have ever been caught with or wearing diapers. 62% of you said yes. Well it’s not good enough to just vote! We want to hear or read your stories.

QUESTION: What happened when you were caught with or wearing diapers?

Let us know in the comments or call our voice line using the link below.

ABDL Polls Are Open

This episode’s ABDLcast poll has been asked before on Twitter but we just couldn’t believe the results, so we’re asking again. There should be a poll embedded directly under this paragraph. I could see the poll in the last post on my iPad but not on my desktop using Firefox. Let me know if you have a problem seeing this poll (you’ll know you’re having a problem if you don’t see a poll). Please, only vote if you are a regular listener to the ABDLcast.

And until next time – Crinkle, crinkle little star :)

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An ABDL’s First Time Buying Diapers

Do you remember the first time that you went to a store and purchased your very own diapers? That experience is something many ABDL’s recall as one of the most exciting moments in life. We talk about that and much more on this episode of ABDLcast, a podcast for adults who just like diapers.


First Time Buying Your Very Own Diapers

Our Twitter friend @LovesPampers suggested a great topic and we were all over it like glue on a diaper tape! Last episode we asked the questions he posed:

  • What age were you when you the first time you purchased diapers?
  • What did you do when you got home with that pack?

Keeping in mind that this is a PG (at most) show we were delighted with the comments that many listeners send in. For example:

I took [the pack of diapers] home and immediately tore into the box. Tore is probably not the right word. I carefully, gently opened the box, so as NOT to tear it. They the were. 12 Ultra Pampers diapers. All lined up perfectly. Their rounded tops, so smooth, so so inviting. – Diapered Writer

After I paid for both and she bagged my items and I walked straight home. My parents were away at the time so I tore straight into the diapers and took one to the bathroom. I locked the door and turned on the shower. As to why I did all this, I still don’t know but I guess I just wanted to be extra safe so that no one could hear a thing even though I was home alone. – tommyp

I paid the money and snuck them into my room. I felt a rush of embarrassment like my heart was pounding; my inner child wanting to burst out. – Fuyu the Wolf Rabbit

ABDL’s Share Many Similar Experiences – And That’s Good!

It’s amazing to read and hear stories from other ABDL’s and see the similarities with some of our own experiences. It is a good way to feel less alone, or odd, or whatever negative feelings many of us may have (had) about ourselves while growing up simply because we enjoy wearing diapers.

Toddy shares some stories around this topic, such as the neighborhood baby play; a cleverly disguised box of diapers under his arm; and a girl, a magazine, and a diaper ad. Oh, there is fodder for many more episodes contained in these stories. You’ll have to listen to find out more.

QUESTION: How involved would you like your spouse or partner to be in your ABDL activities or proclivities? Let us know in the comments below.

More Fun And LIVE

For the first time this episode of ABDLcast was broadcast live on our Mixlr channel. We had a lot of fun doing it and were happy to have quite a few friends tune in and chat with Toddy and Sammy during the show. We will be doing more live broadcasts – both for the podcast and just goofing around and having fun with listeners.

If you want to know when we will broadcast the best way is to follow us on Twitter @ABDLcast.

Enjoy the episode and remember, Crinkle, crinkle little star!

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Creative Ways ABDL’s Get Diapers Part 1

Many Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers have stories of creative and unusual ways of getting diapers. We start a new series on this topic with a story involving a birthday sleepover and a scavenger hunt which resulted in the teeniest diaper Toddy ever saw. Hey! It’s an ABDL life.

abdlcast 12 art


Strange, Unusual, and Creative Ways To Get Diapers

I was maybe 10 years old at the time. All of us neighborhood kids were celebrating my best friend’s birthday and having a wonderful time at his party. Then his mom announced the next activity on the agenda: A scavenger hunt! We were divided up into teams and sent out in the neighborhood with a list of weird items we had to collect in order to win.

The list that my group had included my very favorite thing: A diaper. And I got it! But what happened when the nice lady brought it to me at the door is not what I had expected. Make sure you don’t miss this story in the first installment of this new ABDLcast series.

QUESTION: What strange, unusual, or creative ways have you ended up with diapers? Let us know in the comments.

Story Time And Diaper Time Make For A Good Time

We are still making our way through Story Land with Bugs Bunny. This episode finds us meeting a very crazy duck masquerading as a great detective who had something stolen from right under his nose, er, beak.

And Toddy gives some quick thoughts on the NorthShore Supreme Lite diaper. How does it compare to his beloved original NorthShore Supreme? Listen to this episode to find out.

The ABDLcast Polls Are Open

Starting this episode we – when the occasion arises – are going to include audience polls in the show blog posts. Some will be a simple multiple choice vote. Others, such as this one will require your individual answers. This question comes from @LovesPampers on Twitter:

Regarding your first time buying diapers, please answer the following

  • What age were you?
  • What did you do when you got home with that first pack?

Remember: keep your answer clean. These questions could potentially spark some wonderful conversation among ABDL folk. Please give us your answers in the comments.

ABDL Artist Wanted

We are looking for listeners to start submitting artwork for use in individual episodes of the ABDLcast. These will be included in the show note blog posts for each podcast we release. Use crayons and paper; markers and construction paper; digital drawing programs. Anything will do. Just make it clean, cute, fun, and kid-like. We’ll give you credit, of course. More information can be heard on this episode of the ABDLcast.

Until next time – Crinkle, crinkle little star ;)

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Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Intro and Updates
12:52 – Listener Feedback
20:10 – Discussion: Creative Ways ABDL’s Get Diapers
35:44 – Story Time
37:34 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
41:42 – News and Views
43:43 – ABDLcast Poll


Simple Tips For When You Can’t Get ABDL Diapers

What can you do when ABDL diapers are not available? Many an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover have struggled with this question. On this episode of the ABDLcast we offer some simple tips for those times. Plus we have Toddy’s Diaper Time, News from the world of designer diapers, and much more!

This image shows a diaper fashioned from a terry cloth towel.

No Diapers For You?

There are many reasons why it may not be easy living as an ABDL. This is why there are so many outlets on the Internet devoted to offering support to folk like us. On the previous episode of the ABDLcast, Baby Fox wrote in with a statement coupled with a question:

Right now I can’t buy or wear any Adult baby-like diapers. Any tips for making it thru the hard times when your world says no more diapers?

This is never an easy situation. Nor are there easy answers. We do offer some simple tips for when you can’t get ABDL diapers, such as:

  • Modify baby diapers – both disposable or cloth
  • Fashion a cloth diaper out of bath or hand towels
  • Line your underwear with toilet paper

Toddy explains how he did each of those while growing up, and is sure to encourage listeners to stay away from another option that many an ABDL has resorted to: Theft.

Survey Says…

We’ve been conducting plenty of ABDL polls as of late via our Twitter account. You all have really been helping us shape the direction and future of the ABDLcast because of it. We discuss much of that in our update segment, and we let you know what to listen for in the near future. We also have plenty of news from the world of designer ABDL diapers, Toddy’s Diaper Time, a bunch of listener feedback, and much more.

ABDL Audio Entertainment

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Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Intro and Updates
10:20 – Listener Feedback
30:10 – Discussion: When You Can’t Get Diapers
45:20 – Story Time
47:25 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:15 – News and Views


Telling My Wife That I Am An Adult Baby Or Diaper Lover

One of the most difficult things an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover will ever do is to tell their wife, spouse, or significant other that they are an ABDL. I tell my own story and how I am finding acceptance in this podcast.

This image shows an old time carnival picture of a wife with her diapered husband on her her knee.

Hi, Honey. I Like To Wear Diapers

It’s a question that untold number of ABDL’s (usually men) have suffered great anxiety over: How do I tell my wife, girlfriend, etc. that I like to wear diapers? As one writer put it:

Okay, so obviously telling my wife before marriage would have been the ideal choice, but now I’m almost 11 years into my marriage and have three kids. I honestly thought I could suppress the desire after I got married … I really need help because I want to tell her but I can’t find the courage.

I took this opportunity to tell my personal story: I did not tell my wife; I was discovered very early in our marriage. Find out what happened and where we are now in this episode of the podcast.


So… Is The ABDLcast Kaput, Or What?

Where have Toddy and Sammy been for 5 months, and is there a chance of this podcast continuing? We address those questions right at the beginning of the show. And we want your feedback on what we said. Let us know your thoughts. After all, it is your show too.

Plus, you don’t want to miss another trip to Storyland, some of the latest scoop from the wide-world of super-awesome adult diapers, and Toddy’s Diaper Time – where he tells which is his official diaper from now until forever – and some of the best feedback a podcast could ever have.

All that and much more on this episode of the ABDLcast!

Here’s an easy way to find what you want to hear on this episode:

00:00 – Welcome/Updates
14:30 – Listener Feedback
32:07 – Discussion: Telling My Wife That I Am An ABDL
47:30 – Story Time
49:30 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:55 – News and Views
58:30 – Toddy and Sammy Wrap Up

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