What Was Your First Adult Diaper?

It’s a special event in the life of any ABDL and one which many remember vividly. What was the very first adult diaper that you wore? On this episode of our podcast Toddy tells stories about his first experiences with adult diapers and recalls the vintage Attends of the 1980’s.

My First Adult Diaper

This image shows a grown man in an adult size diaper on New Years Eve in 1955.

What was your first adult diaper, and did it fit better than this man’s?

My first time realizing that there were such as thing as adult diapers was while looking through an old Sears catalog when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I cannot express the excitement I felt upon learning that there were real diapers that would fit me! I wouldn’t have to modify baby diapers any more. If I could get some of these delightful looking diapers, that is.

Attends Adult Diapers

I never did get to try those diapers from the catalog – which, if memory serves, were single tape per side! But a few years later – just as I was preparing myself for a driver’s license – I discovered Attends briefs and belted undergarments. Yes! more adult diapers. And they were available at the local Thrifty’s drug store.

No longer would I have to tape, staple, and sew two baby diapers together in order to wear a make-shift diaper. Now I could wear diapers that fit me like a diaper is supposed to fit. But what was my reaction to these adult diapers? Listen to the show and hear the full story.

What was your first Adult Diaper, and what do you remember most about them? Let us know in the comments below.

ABDL Entertainment

Also on this episode of the ABDLcast we discuss the result of a couple listener polls, finish our trip through Storyland, read a bunch of great listener feedback, share some news from the world of ABDL designer diapers, and a whole lot more.

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Diaper-QueensListen to the ABDLcast as we answer questions and comments from listeners about the show and give a taste of what to expect. You’ll also learn a little more about Toddy and growing up as an ABDL in the 1970’s and 1980’s – back when Attends were packaged in boxes just like the classic vintage Pampers. He recalls the first Bambino diaper he ever wore which caused him to proclaim “I can see!”

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