Dumb Things ABDLs Do In Diapers

Admit it. Us ABDLs are capable of doing really dumb things in diapers. And many of us have done them. On this episode of the ABDLcast podcast we ask, what are some of the dumbest things you’ve done while diapered? Listen as Toddy recalls just one of the daring and dumb things he has done in the name of the crinkle.

This image shows Toddy Smurf playing with blocks. Drawn for ABDLcast by BabyWolfie1313.

Drawn by Chris Wolfie – @babywolfie1313 on Twitter.

Dumb Things ABDLs Do In Diapers

When I was about 12 years old I was home alone with my little brother. He was only about 5 years old, so I thought I could get away with wearing a diaper around the house while we watched TV. It was a really poor decision made in my pre-adolescent, diaper-crazed mind. One that I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do. But how did it turn out? Was my diaper discovered? Listen to the show to find out.

This topic goes nicely with a suggested topic from our friend Diaper Facts (@LovesPampers on Twitter):

What is the most ridiculous thing you do, or have done, to get your diaper fix?

Let us know in the comments below. We would love to share your stories on an upcoming episode of ABDLcast.

A Question For The Ages: AB or DL?

Actually it is just the Question Of The Day, really. We talked about it briefly on the previous episode: What is the difference between Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. What about people (like Toddy) that prefer Adult Kid? Can we really identify and define these terms? Is it even necessary? We found a question that our old pal @tadhgabybear posed to us on Twitter as a possible topic for a podcast:

How do you differentiate between AB and DL?

We’re not sure that we could devote a whole episode of ABDLcast to it, but we would love to read your thoughts during the Listener Feedback segment. So share them in the comments below.

Fank You Very Much!

We’ve been asking for listener submitted artwork and our good friend Chris Wolf came through! We love the picture of Toddy Smurf in crayon that he drew especially for us :) Chris is a real pal of the ABDLcast and his support is just awesome. Thank you so much, Chris! He is @babywolfie1313 on Twitter. Make sure to follow him.

Check Out Crinkle Crate

This image shows the Crinkle Crate logo.

Many of you know that long time ABDLcast listener Nites is launching a subscription box service for ABDLs called Crinkle Crate, and it sounds FANTASTIC! Check out some of the Press Release:

There are many struggles that we as members of the ABDL community face, but limited item options and overwhelming retail and shipping prices should not be some of them. Crinkle Crate was developed to solve these issues. We’ve partnered with well known business in the community like Onesies Downunder, Rearz, Bambino Diapers, AB Universe, and many more to bring the highest quality items from around the world straight to your door! Crinkle Crate is a monthly themed box which will feature 4-7 hand picked items ranging from disposable and cloth diapers, onesies, shortalls, plastic pants, footed sleepers, adult pacifiers, adult baby bottles, accessories, toys and much much more!

Wow! For more information and to sign up go to CrinkleCrate.com and tell them Toddy Smurf sent ya :)

ABDLcast Poll

You’ve heard us talking about Mixlr for quite a few episodes now, and that is what this poll is about. As always, please vote only if you are an ABDLcast listener – especially if you subscribe to the podcast. The poll will expire in 1 week from the date posted above.

Note: the following poll doesn’t show up in every browser, and I haven’t spent the time to figure out why. If you don’t see it please try another browser. We really want your vote on this.

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